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Updated: Feb 7

1/18/13 Perhaps it is that time of year in which New Year’s resolutions are fading away and people are getting back to their old familiar ways. I in fact refused to make any resolutions but rather half way into the month I have begun changes that are new, unexpected, exciting and challenging.

It is not the easiest time of year to be crazy productive but I am doing my best to push myself to try new things. I have continued my house adventure and did another walk through of this overwhelming, understated beauty of a house that is hidden by a bad paint job and huge trees. Underneath the out dated kitchen, dingy floors and brown walls is this charming house that has stolen my heart and potentially my bank account. As if it wasn’t enough that I want to take my photography business to the next level, I want to buy this house, remodel every inch of it, get a puppy specifically a teacup Pomeranian and travel the country as a nurse.

Maybe instead of trying to push oneself to make a dreadful new year’s resolution that will torture one self, one should come up with a list of all the things that will make the next year special and exhilarating and this should be their goal.

This in fact is my goal and motivation for the next year. Every year has flown by, some more interesting than others but mostly unimpressive. Perhaps I watch too much HGTV or maybe I have watched just enough to inspire me to actually do something I can do but am fearful of. I can’t say that I am much farther along in the process of buying a house then I was the last time I blogged, however I have learned more and have made decisions that will take me on a house buying adventure over the next year that I may or may not be ready for. My dream for this house is that as I post the before pictures there will be, in the future, after pictures. I would like to think that someday I will look back and reflect on these moments, these blogs and admire taking a big risk and making the big move to first time home buyer and business owner.

One cannot undermine the power of determination and motivation. I’m inspired to let the young energy and gumption that God has given me; lead me to a place that will ultimately transform my life.

If I wanted to live my life in the little box that the world allows I would be truly failing myself and my God given talent. Is it not bad enough that we let age determine our level of functioning and time govern our achievements rather than just living to the best of our ability? Do all dreams have to remain dreams? Can you imagine a world of dreamers and all the great things that we could accomplish?

I refuse to live my life simply dreaming, I would rather have my dream fail then to always wonder if it was possible as so many do. I am a dreamer but I refuse to dream the same dream for the rest of my life. I want my dreams to come true so I can dream up a whole new one!!

9/21/2018 Fast forward five years & I did not buy that fixer upper house, but I did buy a house and I did fix it up. I did take my photo business to the next level & started another dream business my créperie. I started travel nursing about a year after I wrote this & I haven't lived my life in a box, i've traveled, adventured, experienced much of what this life has to offer. I've taken the gifts that God has given me & continued to let Him use them to His glory. There has been many before and after photos. There is also new dreams, new goals & new desires that God has put on my heart & in time I will share another similar post. For now I will leave this here as my first written post of my new journey. xoxo

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