Geneva, New York

Updated: Jul 23

I relish the days of brownstones, brick roads, fashionable, colorful homes, small family owned businesses lined up on Main Street, the town candy store or library. Manicured lawns & rows of flowers.

The quiet hustle and bustle of people going about their day, friendly with the people that pass them because they all grew up in this town thus their isn’t a stranger to be found.

Yet when a stranger is found they quickly become part of the family. Their is something to be said about getting out and spreading your wings but there is also something so special about the simplicity of one’s hometown. It’s not just a place to live it’s a lifestyle a belonging that you can’t get in a big city full of strangers too busy to know each other. As I’ve never lived in this type of town nor have I visited one, I wander if they do actually exist anymore.

I’ve been inspired to capture what I call the intimate town or small city & share its unique home like qualities with you. The small businesses, the quiet streets, the neighborhoods, the people. Perhaps you can then become a friend to one of them for just a moment in your life.

By accident I stumbled upon the beautiful town of Geneva. It was a overcast day & we really just wanted a quick cup of coffee before hitting the road to get home. A quick online search yielded Monica Coffee & the pictures presented a cute coffee shop worthy of checking out quickly. The drive proved surprising as we drove through the most adorable town.

Seemed almost fake as we drove by lines of perfect brick buildings painted in beautiful colors & drove down brick roads.

When we arrived to our coffee spot we already were decided that we needed to adventure back around this town. Monaco Coffee was a surprise gem as we walked into this cozy, bright & airy space. An avid lover of toast we ordered goat cheese w/ honey on toast & while relaxing on one of their cozy couches we sipped on a warm latte & enjoyed our sweet treat. Surrounded by young people studying & chatting. It was such a spot I could spend many afternoons chilling at. Excited to venture around town we headed back out to wander about & see the sights.

The city was as inviting as the coffee shoppe & wandering down the brick roads we enjoyed all the beauty this town had to offer.

Our walk around the city was short lived but proved lovely. Being a small city made it easy to see most of it quickly. Snuggled around Seneca Lake this city is supposed to be named after the city of Geneva in Switzerland. Part of the Fingerlakes it is known for it's wineries & winemaking. A perfect spot for a day getaway, relaxing around the lake, sightseeing around the city & dining at one of the cool restaurants.


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