Watkins Glen, New York

Updated: Jul 23

A beautiful day should never be taken for granted & finding a place to explore that allows you to be outside in nature is the best way to make the best of it. Watkins Glen is one of the Finger Lakes state parks. We went for the waterfalls & ended up with a full day of stunning views.

We started our day at Watkins Glen state park, a majestic park with miles of trails that lead to stone bridges that cross over exotic waterfalls. We spent a couple hours wandering the trails & being in awe of how beautiful all of it was.

The rock formations, waterfalls, wild flowers, trees & trails made for a picturesque scene that made the two hour drive worth it. This however was only part one of the day & part two took place in the village of Watkins Glen. Nestled on Seneca Lake this adorable village was all about its natural beauty & was a true lake house escape. We passed an inn on the way to the park that had a sign that read homemade ice cream so our minds stayed on that until we ventured in to check it out after our part one adventure. After enjoying some tasty ice cream we continued our walk through the town. Lines of beautiful brick buildings that had tastes of the past with a cleaned up appeal to match the cute village.

Our walk lead us to Seneca Lake where live music played out, fancy couples boarded boats for night events, rows of boats were docked for the evening & the sound of gentle waves hitting the rocks hit our ears.

We spent some time out on the dock by the water chatting & listening to the sounds of the night around us. A sign posted on the door of a local restaurant mentioned pierogis & none of us could take our mind or appetites off of them as we sat chatting. We headed back towards the sign which brought us to the sweetest family owned business where we ate some of the best home cooked pierogis & met the family behind them.

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